Master in Behavioral and Social Sciences for Public Policy

The Master in Behavioral Science and Public Policy trains students in a wide range of advanced techniques in the study of human behavior. Graduates of the program will accurately and rigorously analyze human populations, measuring their preferences, expectations, opinions, and behaviors with an understanding of thebiases that affect individual judgments and the collective phenomena that emerge from their interactions.

This master's program has been designed to respond to a new demand, and to allow its graduates  to seize an increasing number of opportunities in Behavioral Science in today's world. It is part of an international academic  trend  that is driving the world’s most renowned universities to develop similar programs.

While focused on Behavioral Science in the broad sense – experimental psychology, cognitive science, behavioral ecology, cognitive anthropology – the program also borrows tools, theoretical reflections and inspiration from neighboring disciplines: sociology, economics, political science, and the philosophy of social science and data sciences.

This interdisciplinarity is indispensable to training individuals who can face today’s most pressing public policy challenges so many of which require  engagement from distinct perspectives and with different tools. 


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Master in Behavioral and Social Sciences for Public Policy

Dominique Guillo

Behavioral Science and Public Policy Masters Coordinator

[email protected]