Summer Academic Skills

Summer Academic Skills is a skill development program aimed at cultivating essential skills for success in both academic and professional realms. Our program offers comprehensive training centered around four crucial skill sets: writing, public speaking, media literacy, and data analysis and processing. These four skills are intricately interconnected, enabling you to build a versatile skillset.
Our morning sessions are entirely dedicated to in-depth training in these key competencies, while afternoons and evenings are reserved for recreational activities. Each of these activities serves as a valuable source of material to enhance your skills in writing, public speaking, media content creation, and data manipulation.

Pricing of the program: 

21 700 MAD (1830 Euros)*

Program fees include:

- On Campus accomodation

- Airport transfers (subject to conditions)

Program fees do not include: 

- Insurance fees 

- Registration fees

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For more information, please contact: [email protected]