This five-week program explores various aspects of sustainability, with three weeks focusing on three different themes. The first week will explore the broad concept of the topic, followed by a week focused on energy and a final week dedicated to food security and agriculture. Through a combination of lectures, workshops, and interactive sessions, participants will gain a deeper understanding of sustainability issues and their practical implications.


In this module, the concept of sustainability will be explored from a 360-degree perspective, examining its social, economic, and environmental dimensions. It will reflect on the complex connections between human activity and the natural world and how they impact the earth's delicate balance. It will also discuss the critical need for decarbonization and explore the circular economy, a regenerative approach to production and consumption that aims to eliminate waste and pollution


The energy module will delve into the urgent need for an energy transition as the world moves away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy sources. It will explore solar energy, one of the most promising forms of renewable energy, and hydrogen, an emerging technology with the potential to revolutionize the energy sector. It will also examine the electrification infrastructure and the supply chain challenges associated with the shift to renewables.

Agriculture and Food security

The agriculture and food security week will examine the pressing need for sustainable agriculture to ensure food security in a changing climate. It will discuss water resource management, one of the most significant challenges facing agriculture in many regions of the world. It will also explore land restoration, a critical component of sustainable agriculture that involves rehabilitating degraded land to improve soil health and productivity.

Pricing of the program: 

22 100 MAD (2010 Euros)*

Program fees include:

- On Campus accomodation

- Airport transfers (subject to conditions)

Program fees do not include: 

- Insurance fees 

- Registration fees

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