Post-exam Enrichment program (PEP)

As part of the Post-exam Enrichment program (PEP), a Workshop will be organised on Thursday, June 16th under the theme ''Art of Performance''. Our guest speaker for this event is Professor Najib Bounahai.


This workshop provides an opportunity for students to unlock their communicative and creative potential. Initially and through a series of exercises that range from voice, speech and movement to improvisation, acting, stage management, costume design, lighting and sound (music included), students engage in the creative process by exploring an idea for a final production (show), and operate in concert as a collective with the aim of bringing this idea to life through a performance at the end of the session for the student community or even for the larger community for that matter.

The goal in this case is to produce an original rendition of a scene or scenes that resonate with our times and wherein student from Humanities and social sciences provide through the art form of performance their own perspective on a current compelling issue (Migration, Diversity and Tolerance, Inter-faith Dialogue, Gender equity etc..).